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Victorian Pines Christmas Tree Farm•201 4th Ave. NE•State Center, IA 50247•(641) 751-7435•(641) 750-0187

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White Pine White Pine is a native species to Iowa that is soft and very fluffy to the touch.  White Pine has very little aroma.  Needle retention is good to excellent with needle length being 2 to 3 inches.
Scotch Pine Scotch Pine is a popular tree grown in Iowa that is known for its excellent needle retention and good keep ability.  Strong branches will support heavy ornaments.  Needles are 1 to 2 1/2 inches in length.
Fraser Fir Fraser Fir is considered an “old fashioned” Christmas tree that takes longer than a pine to mature.  Excellent needle retention and a strong aroma are hallmarks of this species.  Branches are strong for holding heavy ornaments with needles being an inch in length.
Canaan Fir Canaan Fir (pronounced “ka-naan”, with emphasis on the last syllable) is a newcomer to the Christmas tree market.  It has many similarities to the Fraser Fir.