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Victorian Pines Christmas Tree Farm•201 4th Ave. NE•State Center, IA 50247•(641) 751-7435•(641) 750-0187

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Victorian Pines will feature the Tim Mitchell’s Yule Stand System.  This product has been duly named the “Marriage Saver” because anyone can set up their tree in 30 seconds without hassle, adjustments, or family discussions.  The stands are very stable and hold ample water.

    How it works

  1. Your tree is placed in a special drill rig.  While it is held perfectly straight, we drill a tapered hole in the trunk.
  2. Put the pin of the stand in the drilled hole and tap the base of the pin with the hammer until it is seated tightly.
  3. Stand tree upright.
  4. Rotate tree on the stand to have desired side face you.

Add water and enjoy this hassle free set up.